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Apexselling - Training Services.

Based on 27 years experience of recruiting, leading, managing, coaching and training salesforces, the founders of Apexselling have devised three tailorable sales training courses.

The first course is a 1 day Foundation skills course and is aimed at individuals who are relatively new to the sales profession who are looking for a solid grounding in the techniques required to have effective meetings, build rapport, understand client needs and close business. Ideally attendees will have a minimum of 6 months ‘in-field’ experience and be able to bring some experiences and ‘war stories’ to the course. It’s unlikely that anyone having more than 2 years successful on-target experience would benefit. The course is highly interactive and includes role plays and other exercises. It is a solid primer and foundation for the next course.

The second course is an Advanced skills course consisting of a 3 day comprehensive and intensive utilisation of the innovative Apexselling methodology called F.I.C.K.L.E™ based on the highly rated book available from Amazon, ‘Customers are F.I.C.K.L.E™’.

This overarching method covers the spectrum of:

Finding, Investigating, Closing, Keeping, Leveraging and Expanding business.

As with the Fundamental course it is highly interactive, includes role plays and requires the full participation by attendees for the whole 3 days to obtain maximum effect.

The course is specifically designed for senior sales people, including Directors, involved in selling high value complex deals taking many months, in some cases years, to move from inception to closure. It provides methods, processes, approaches and insights regarding how to qualify, propose, close and develop such opportunities.

Its own Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the recognition that the client is likely to be fielding a decision making team or unit (DMU) comprising many different skill types and personality profiles. Building and maintaining rapport with this variety of people is crucial to winning contracts and the course uses a globally known method to optimise this aspect. Recognising and adapting to diverse personalities is crucial to success.

The third course is specifically designed for busy ‘owner/entrepreneurs’ and is an intensive 1 Day Master Class derived from the Advanced course. This has proven to be extremely popular with SME’s and boutique consultancies involved in complex deals.

These can be run as private ‘in-house’ courses or you can join one of our regular public events. Please watch the site ‘News’ tab for our next scheduled class.

Please use the ‘Request a call back’ tab on the Home Page for further information.