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Case Studies

Case Study- Tom Griffin

Christian Hatton

Developing large-scale wind farms and providing the complex services that are required to commission successful projects is a considerable challenge!

Over a year ago, having already spent some time building up a new privately backed company, the Board of ASC Renewables Ltd decided to bring in professional sales support to help develop and articulate the Value Propositions more convincingly to our chosen markets.

Clearly, we were not in the market for standard ‘off the shelf’ sales training, but were looking for a company who understood:

  • How to analyse and take a complex deal from ‘qualification’ to ‘closure.’
  • How to understand the decision making team we were selling to.
  • How to position ourselves competitively in presentations and proposals.
  • How to stay in a confident high energy state as individuals throughout long arduous sales cycles.
  • How to train ‘non-sales’ professionals as well as ‘sales professionals’ in sales.

Following a comprehensive search, Nick Bailey of Apexselling Ltd was appointed to provide the specialist services we required, and to design and implement training which was specific to the needs of the team and to chair the monthly sales meeting. Over the past year, Nick Bailey has achieved these objectives and helped create and embed robust processes and ways of thinking within the business.

Across the company we are all now fully aware of the thinking and actions that are required to progress and close deals like ours. We have a ‘common sales language’ based on Nicks book ‘Customers are F.I.C.K.L.E’ and the bespoke training course that he successfully delivered over two days to 7 of us, ranging from Board Directors, Project Managers, technical staff as well as sales focused individuals, including myself as Commercial Director. As a result of Nicks work we also now have in place:

  • A monthly sales forecasting system.
  • A thorough bid qualification method.
  • The tools and methods for positioning ourselves competitively.

On a personal level Nick has helped me to develop my own sales skills since the training and continue to benefit from the ongoing monthly coaching that he has provided to myself and team. Nick’s support to myself and the team has been ‘Exceptional’ and this continues consistently to this day, his approach to helping organisations like us is based on his own successful track-record of achieving ‘high value, complex deals’. When this experience is coupled with his holistic and tailored approach to individual and business performance, it has proven to be highly powerful.

I recommend you contact him now at: nick.bailey@apexselling.com

Tom Griffin - Feb 2014

Case Study - Christian Hatton

Christian Hatton

Like a lot of sales people, I found myself at a bit of a crossroads in my career being involved in increasingly complex sales: multiple stakeholders, lengthy sales cycles and numerous opportunities along the way for the opportunity to stray off course, stall or quite simply, drop off the pipeline.  I wasn’t getting the answers I needed from friends or colleagues so I did what any sales professional would do and went looking for the answers from a seasoned professional.

I’m a Fellow of the ISMM and when reading an edition of ‘Winning Edge’ magazine, I came across an article about Nick and his sales training company, Apexselling Ltd.  The thing was I wasn’t really looking for your traditional sales training course, I wanted a coach that I could work with on a monthly basis – discussing issues and challenges, setting objectives, reviewing progress, someone who could share their experience and continually push me out of my comfort zone.  And that is exactly what I got with Nick.

From the first time I met him, I knew we could work together and he put me at ease (that’s probably his NLP at work!).  Since that day I have invested in 1 hour together each month and put simply, that is a modest investment when compared to the results.  Ultimately, my work with Nick has given me an 800% ROI on my involvement with him.

I now have a structured approach for managing a complex sale that works from initial lead to closure and as importantly, I can articulate to my directors the dynamics of any opportunity.  I’m now much more confident and I’ve developed key skills in other areas such as time management, NLP, behavioural styles (based on the Enneagram), etc. that have helped me become a more rounded and successful salesmanager.  Nick also introduced me to the world of goal setting, which has provided me with a whole new perspective on why I get up in a morning and do what I do.

My advice is this – you rarely have all the answers, but some people have been there and done it and you can learn an immense amount from them which in sales will get you to your personal and financial goals faster than you would without them.

Nick is one of those people and I’m glad I contacted him, so why don’t you?  I’m sure you’ll be as pleased with the results as I am."

Christian Hatton
Sales Manager IT Healthcare Industry